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Prestained Protein Marker :
Protein Markers are mixtures of recombinant purified, prestained polypeptides with well-adjusted molecular weights and available in ready-to-use formulas (no need to boil before use) suitable for sizing proteins between 7,000 and 240,000 Da by SDS-PAGE. Single, dual or multi colored markers covalently bound to recombinant proteins and their 7 to 11 prestained bands are readily visible during electrophoresis or electrophoretic transfer from gel to membrane.

NexusView 10kDa Dual Color (250ul)
Code: BNPM10
Price: $108.00
NexusView 20kDa Dual Color (250ul)
Code: BNPM20
Price: $102.00
NexusPointer Mid Range Dual Color (250ul)
Code: BNPM30
Price: $82.00

NexusPointer Mid Range Multi Color
Code: BNPM32
Price: $92.00
NexusPointerȘ Wide Range Dual Color
Code: BNPM50
Price: $98.00
NexusPointer Wide Range Multi Color
Code: BNPM52
Price: $96.00

NexusWestern Percise Western Blot
Code: BNPM40
Price: $185.00
NexusWestern Percise Western Blot (Wide Range)
Code: BNPM41
Price: $185.00
NexusBluePointer Mid Range All Blue (250ul)
Code: BNPM31
Price: $79.00

NexusBluePointer Wide Range All Blue
Code: BNPM51
Price: $89.00