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Polyclonal Antibody Production Services & Pricing

AdditionalServices Additional Pre-Bleed /Test Bleed, 10ml/bleed $59.00
" Per Diem Charges $3.50
" Monthly Maintenance Fee $125.00

Additional Immunological Services Price
Antigen less than 10kD will be conjugated to KLH or BSA $350.00
Elisa Assay for pre-bleed/test bleed $135.00
Immunoaffinity Purification: Need 20mg of antigen $720.00

*Standard Polyclonal Ab protocol used for a moderately sized antigen is as follows:
Day 0 - Prebleed/Initial Inoculation
Day 14 - Boost
Day 21 - Boost
Day 35 - Test Bleed
Day 49 - Boost
Day 56 - Test Bleed
Bleeds are shipped as frozen sera. Plasmaphoresis of large animals are available.

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(BNABP11)Standard Polyclonal Ab* (Mice, Polyclonal Antibody service)
Code: BNABP11
Price: $655.00
(BNABP41)Polyclonal Ab.-peptide.(Mice, Polyclonal Antibody service)
Code: BNABP41
Price: $655.00
(BNABP21)Polyclonal Ab-peptide.(Mice, Polyclonal Antibody service)
Code: BNABP21
Price: $1,500.00

(BNABP13)Standard Polyclonal Ab*(Rats, Polyclonal Antibody service)
Code: BNABP13
Price: $720.00
(BNABP43)Polyclonal Ab.-peptide.(Rats, Polyclonal Antibody service)
Code: BNABP43
Price: $720.00
(BNABP23)Polyclonal Ab-peptide.(Rats, Polyclonal Antibody service)
Code: BNABP23
Price: $1,500.00

Products Found: 18
Pages: 1 [2]

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