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Thermoelectric Cooling BUCKET

  • Temperature Adjustable
  • Mini-Cooling incubator

Thermoelectric cooling BUCKET, ECB(+3C - ~+20C adjustable)
Thermoelectric cooling BUCKET, ECB(+3C - ~+20C adjustable) Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $1,290.00
Shipping Weight: 10.00 pounds

Catalog No.: BNECB (+3C~+20C, Adjustable Temperature), e-Cooling Bucket

Temperature range +3 - +20C
Temperature accuracy 1.0C
Temperature display Digital
Cooling/Heating method Thermoelectric
Safety devices Fuse, Overheat,
Excessive current
Holder Miracle beads or
Dual side aluminum block
Dimensions 170w x 240d x 220h mm
Weight Main body 2.2 kg + Beads 1.8 kg
Power 100VAC, 1A
Standard accessory Power code, Plastic lid
Miracle beads bath, Fuse

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