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Precast Gels
Bionexus offers a variety of Ready-to-Use, Precast Gel.

Precast gels are an innovative PAGE system designed to provide Laemmli-like separation patterns using a standard Tris-glycine running buffer system.

NexusPro™ Universal Precast gels are compatible with Bio Rad Electrophoresis systems (Mini-PROTEAN Tetra (1-4 gels),Mini-PROTEAN® Dodeca™(1-12 gels) cells and Mini-PROTEAN 3 cell). NexusNov™ Universal Precast gels are compatible with Novex Electrophoresis systems (XCELL Surelock).


•12 month shelf life

•Electrophoresis run times in as short as 15 min

•Numbered, marked well outlines on the cassette ease sample loading and identification

•Inexpensive buffer system means low running costs

•Bottom-open cassette design allows easy gel handling and faster blotting setup

•Uses same buffers and band patterns as Laemmli systems

•Opening lever is 100% aluminum and recyclable Applications and Uses

•1-D polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis for separation of proteins

•Accurate molecular weight estimation

•Robust system for complex samples

Room Temperature Stable for 6 months and 1 year at 4C°.

Precast SDS-PAGE GELS, 4-20%, 10 Well
Code: BNPC420
Price: $83.00
Precast SDS-PAGE GELS, 4-15%, 10 Well
Code: BNPC415
Price: $83.00
Precast SDS-PAGE GELS, 15%, 10 Well
Code: BNPC15
Price: $83.00

Precast SDS-PAGE GELS, 10%, 10 Well
Code: BNPC10
Price: $83.00
Precast SDS-PAGE GELS,4-20%, 10 Well (NexusNov)
Code: BNPC420N
Price: $83.00
Precast SDS-PAGE GELS,4-15%, 15 Well/ 15ul (NexusNov™)
Code: BNPC41515
Price: $83.00

compatable PRECASTGEL




Compatible withMini PROTEAN Tetra Cell (trademark of Biorad Laboratories)XCell SureLock Mini Cell (trademark of Life Technologies)