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Hot Start DNA Polymerase (2500 Units)
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Code: BN306HS
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Hot Start DNA Polymerase

Bionexus offers you a comprehensive selection of affordable and high quality kits, enzymes, and reagents to support all your amplification needs.

Hot Start DNA Polymerase (5 units/ul)

  • Set up time is significantly reduced.
  • Reduces the formation of non-specific products
  • Improves results from multiplex reactions
  • Essential for low copy number

Bionexus Hot Start DNA Polymerase is a modified form of Bionexus Taq DNA Polymerase that is activated at elevated temperatures. A chemical moiety is attached to the enzyme at the active site and renders it inactive at room temperature. This feature prevents mispriming during setup and the first ramp of thermal cycling, resulting is higher specificity and greater yields. The chemical moiety is cleaved during a 15 minute heat activation step, releasing the active Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase into the reaction.

Amplification with Bionexus Hot Start Polymerase

Bionexus Hot Start Polymerase was used to amplify a 610 bp genomic DNA sequence. Two different buffers are included with Hot Start Taq: a standard Ammonium Buffer suitable for most applications, and a buffer with a balanced Ammonium/Potassium concentration which has been shown to improve results with more complicated PCR systems such as multiplex PCR. Amplification results using each buffer are shown.



Comparison of Bionexus Taq DNA Pol with Hot Start Polymerase

1 2 3 4 Lanes

Lane 1: 5 units of Taq DNA Polymerase
Lane 2: 2.5 units of Taq DNA Polymerase
Lane 3: 5 units of Hot Start Taq
Lane 4: 2.5 units of Hot Start Taq

Under standard amplification conditions, a 355 bp DNA fragment was amplified using either a standard Bionexus Taq DNA Polymerase or Bionexus Hot Start Taq Polymerase.



Kit Components :
  • Hot Start Polymerase (5 U/ul)
  • 10X Buffer I (with 15 mM MgCl2)
  • 10X Buffer II (with 15 mM MgCl2)
  • 25 mM MgCl2






Cat. No. Size Units 10X TEMPase
Buffer I
(MgCl2 15mM)
10X TEMPase
Buffer II
(MgCl2 15mM)

25 mM

BN302HS 250 1.5 mM 1.5 mM 1.5 mM
BN303HS 500 1.5 mM 1.5 mM 1.5 mM
BN304HS 1000 2 X 1.5 mM 2 X 1.5 mM 2 X 1.5 mM
BN306HS 2500 4 X 1.5 mM 4 X 1.5 mM 4 X 1.5 mM

Store at -20º C , For in-vitro laboratory use only


Tween 20 is a registered trade mark of ICI Americas, Inc.

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