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MICRO BIO SHAKER(BNMBR-024) Quantity in Basket: None
Code: BNMBR-024
Price: $5,690.90
Shipping Weight: 25.00 pounds

Model MBR-024 Micro Bio Shaker
(Replacement for M-36)

Option suiting for
Kinds of Well Block
of Each Company

For Square-Well Block (96-well) and kinds of Micro-titer Plates
2 Times More Culture Efficiency
5 Times More Production Efficiency of Plasmid Suit for 4 of Square-Well Block (96-well)


Shaking way: Orbital
Temp. and Speed display: Digital
Shaking Speed: 100 to 1000 r/min
Plate Capacity: 4 Wellplate (normal, deepwell)
Temp. Range Ambient +5oC ~ 65oC
Temp. Accuracy: 0.3 - 1.0oC
Timer: 60 minutes
Heater: 80 W
Safety Device: High Temp. safety device,Circuit protector, Sensor abnormal signal. High Temp.
Power Supply: AC90-110 V, 2A
Weight: 15 kg

Application Use :

{ For Pre-Treatment of Genome Analysis
{ For Dissolve Test
{ For Pre-Treatment of Nucleotide Extraction
{ Restriction Enzyme digest
{ Gel Staining + Destaining
{ Immunoassay
{ Microtiter plate hybridization
{ Bacterial transfection
{ Filter washing
The Extraction of plasmid DNA was performed by using MBR-024 with Square well Block (96-well) to culture E.coli. The yield of plasmid DNA was calculated by the OD value of spectrophotometer (OD: 260 nm) and the conclusion of photograph of electrophoresis.
  • The Average values of OD (culture broth 1ml)
    Normal type Incubator 0.54/8 h 0.66/12 h
    MBR-024 1.33/8 h 1.45/12 h
  • The Average yields of OD (culture broth 1ml)
    Normal type Incubator 0.66 ug/8 h 0.69 ug/12 h
    MBR-024 2.41 ug/8 h 3.63 ug/12 h

The Figures are shown cultivation time in the scheme.
The growth carve is made by taking average of OD
values in the 5 point
(a ~e).

Conclusion on Electrophoresis of Plasmid DNA

Culture broth (8h)
M is in the right lane as size markers.
a~e are corresponded to each measured

Normal Type Incubator--- MBR--024

Normal Type Incubator-- MBR--024
[E.coli Cultivation]
Container: Square-well Block (96-well)
Sample: JM109 (pUC19): Single colony
Culture: 1ml LB broth (Ampicillin Addictive.
[Extraction of plasmid DNA]
Method: Filtration Kit
Marker:l DNA-HIND III 0.3 ug
Buffer: TAE, Voltage:120V,30min
Gel: Agarose (1%w/v)
Sample: 3ul of Extracted plasmid DNA (All Amount 50 ul).
Stain: SYBR GreenTM (After Electrophoresis).

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