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Precast SDS-PAGE GELS,4-20%, 10 Well (NexusNov)
Precast SDS-PAGE GELS,4-20%, 10 Well (NexusNov) Quantity in Basket: None
Code: BNPC420N
Price: $83.00
Shipping Weight: 2.00 pounds
Precast SDS-PAGE GELS, 4-20%, 10 Well, 30ul/Well (10/box). Bionexus NexusNov Universial Gel™ (precast polyacrylamide gels) for SDS-PAGE, provides consistent protein separation for the analysis of protein mixtures and downstream Western blotting. NexusNov™ (precast gels )use tris-glycine Laemmli electrophoresis buffers and are designed for a long shelf life. The gel cassettes have labeled wells for easy loading and are compatible with multiple vertical tank electrophoresis systems. NexusNov™ Universal Precast gels are compatible with Novex Electrophoresis systems (XCELL Surelock, trademark of Life Technologies). Bionexus NexusNov Universial Gel™ is not compatible to MOPS Buffer from Life Technologies. Please use TGS (Trs Glycine and SDS) buffer (Laemmli buffer).