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Mix-EVR(With Digital meter Display)
Mix-EVR(With Digital meter Display) Quantity in Basket: None
Code: Mix-EVR(With Display)
Price: $2,350.00
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Invitro Shaker: Mix-EVR (With digital meter Display)

Mix-EVR (250 to 2500 r/min, Horizontal mode)
Invitro Shaker:
Ideal use for ELISA, Enzymatic reaction, Culture of Ecoli and etc. High speed mixing of 96 micro plate/deep well plate at max 2500 r/min.
+ Temperature range: Tolerates 0 to +50º C in surrounding
+ accessories: EM-0524[24(0.5ml)] with diminsion 126x86x28.5Hmm and EM-1524 [24(0.5ml)] with diminsion 126x86x40.5Hmm /ER-2030
+ Dimensions: 300 x 235 x 150Hmm
+ Weight: 6.5 kg
+ Tolerated load weight: 2 kg
+ Shaking speed: 250 to 2500 r/min
+ Shaking style: Horizontal excentric vibration
+ Shaking control: Voltage regulator
+ Shaking speed display: Digital dispaly sold as option
+ Platform usable dimension: 300 x 200 mm

++++++Click here for more information on accessories in pdf format++++++

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