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Monoclonal Antibody Production Services

Additional Immunological Services Price
Antigen less than 10kD will be conjugated to KLH or BSA $ 350.00
Elisa Assay for pre-bleed/test bleed $ 135.00
Immunoaffinity Purification: Need 20mg of antigen $ 720.00

Bleeds are shipped as frozen sera. Plasmaphoresis of large animals are available. (Fright charges are not included)

(BNMAB1) Immunization (Monoclonal Antibody production)
Code: BNMAB1
Price: $1,050.00
(BNMAB2) FUSION (Monoclonal Antibody production)
Code: BNMAB2
Price: $2,394.00
(BNMAB3) Hybridoma Development (Monoclonal Antibody Production)
Code: BNMAB3
Price: $915.00

(BNMAB4) Hybridoma Cloning ( $675 / Clone)
Code: BNMAB4
Price: $675.00
(BNMAB5) Expansion and Scale up of Clones ($330 / Clone)
Code: BNMAB5
Price: $330.00
(BNMAB6) Ascites Production ($110/ Clone)
Code: BNMAB6
Price: $110.00