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Microdissection Service (Inquire for pricing)
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Bionexus uses Laser micromanipulation from paraffin-embedded or frozen tissues using a PALM MicroBeam HT platform (Zeiss MicroImaging Group, Thornwood, NY) allows selecting tissue regions or cell types of interest and eliminates the analysis of unwanted bystander tissue. A cold UV-laser with a focus point of 1 µm removes the selected object by a process called “cold ablative photolysis.” Cells are removed from the context without generating heat by disintegrating the chemical bonds between atoms. The PALM MicroBeam HT allows non-contact sample handling and minimizes cross-contamination during tissue removal. Using the same laser, the selected sample is then catapulted and transported directly into a collection device.

A selection of specific applications includes the following:

Classical tissue microdissection
Mark you target tissue and isolate it without contamination of unwanted bystander tissue

Biological sub-cloning
The PALM MicroLaser System retains the viability of catapulted cultured cells or other organisms and can be used for biological sub-cloning within a cell culture dish (stem cell purification).

Molecular analysis
Single chromosomes or chromosomal parts can be isolated from metaphase preparations for subsequent molecular analysis.

Forensic medicine
Sperm can be isolated from a mucus smear obtained from rape victims for subsequent DNA fingerprinting.

Selection and capturing of hard phloem can be conducted with preserved morphology after PALM MicroLaser manipulation.

Use catapulted sections for RNA extraction and subjected to direct Microarray analysis.

Catapulted samples can be used for protein analysis, e.g. on a SELDI protein chip IMAC-40-Ni.

All communications for this Service will be held in the strictest confidence.

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