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Subcloning (Inquire for pricing)
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Method: We will custom design a strategy specific to your subcloning project. Bionexus can subclone your frgament of interest into any commercial vector. Options include generating inserts by PCR, custom designed synthetic inserts, or fragments isolated from other sources through restriction enzyme digests. This service includes DNA preparation and return of the subcloned product.

Our custom subcloning services include DNA insertion into a selected vector, verification of size/orientation by restriction analysis, and bacterial transformation. DNA sequence verfication and purified plasmid can be provided at an additional charge. For basic subcloning service, allow 2-3 weeks after initial receipt of materials.

Starting Material: Customer provides insert, vector and vector map.

Result: Upon completion of project, the customer will receive a record of the restriction enzyme verification and the new clone.

Price: Inquiry

All communications for this Service will be held in the strictest confidence.

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