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Taqman Services - Gene Expression (Quantitative PCR) Inquire for pricing
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Bionexus offers Full service gene expression solutions for the post genomic era.

Bionexus specializes in the quantitative determination of RNA and DNA by real-time TaqMan¨ PCR. We use our proprietary systems, third party systems, design and validate custom systems on demand. A high degree of automation allows for rapid and reliable processing from samples through quantitative analysis.

Bionexus TaqMan® Service aims to provide expertise and custom services in the quantitative analysis of infectious agents, gene expression and the detection of genetic diseases. The TaqMan® Service provides a platform for multifaceted, multi-disciplinary research in the market. Our knowledge, expertise and infrastructure is accessible for interested researchers who seek to implement state-of-the-art laser guided technology based on the TaqMan® principle enabling detection and accurate quantification of nucleic acids. Based on our know-how we are able to rapidly expand the list of available TaqMan® systems. In addition, our expertise in molecular microbiology and immunology enables us to meet the needs of a multi-disciplinary research community.

Advantage of the TaqMan® PCR Service

Expertise and infrastructure on state-of-the-art laser guided technology based on the TaqMan¨ principle enabling detection and accurate quantification of Nucleic Acids.

  • Fully Equipped and Automated Molecular Biology Laboratories for Sample Handling and TaqMan¨ PCR Reaction Preparation

  • State-of-Art Laser-guided ABI PRISM 7900 HTA FAST Sequence Detection System

  • Highly Standardized PCR Process

  • Over 1200 PCR Reactions within a 24-hour Period

  • Integration of 6700 Automated Nucleic Acid Workstation (Applied Biosystems) into the System

  • High Capacity and Fully Automated Extractions of Over 1600 DNA or RNA within a 24-hour period and is able to prepare four 96-well TaqMan¨ reaction plates in parallel after a single extraction cycle.

TaqMan® PCR Application

  • Quantitative Analysis of Infectious Agents

  • Gene Expression and Gene Profiling

  • Detection of Genetic Diseases.

  • Provide Platform for Multifaceted, Multi-disciplinary Research in the Market

  • Expertise in Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

  • Gene Therapy Distribution and Expression Assays

  • Drug Response Analysis

  • Cell Bank Copy Number Analysis

  • Mutation Analysis

  • Expression System Development

  • Residual DNA Analysis

Gene Expression Analysis

  • Sample Preparation service: These services cover the whole process of sample preparation, TaqMan¨ analysis and quantification. If 30 samples are provided, we implement the design and optimization of new TaqMan¨. PCR systems into the final rates for sample preparation and TaqMan¨. PCR analysis on a single cDNA sample. (Please Inquire for Pricing)

  • Sample Analysis (Please Inquire for Pricing)

Availability of Pre-developed TaqMan® Assays

    • Over 400 pre-developed TaqMan® systems in three applications: Pathogen detection, Gene expression , and Allelic discrimination
    • Over 15,000 pre-developed assays with pre-formed primer and probe mixes.

Our activity in the field of TaqMan® PCR within the last 5 years has resulted in more than 150 pre-developed TaqMan® systems in the three applications: pathogen detection, gene expression and allelic discrimination, mostly in the field of Veterinary Medicine. Most of these systems are available as pre-developed assays with pre-formed primer and probe mixes.

We have developed over 400 TaqMan¨ PCR systems for animal species. An additional 15,000 pre-developed TaqMan¨ PCR systems are available from Applied Biosystems.

  • Mouse
  • Rat
  • Rhesus Macaque
  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Ruminants (cattle and sheep)
  • Equines

Sample Requirements
Cells (in vitro cultured cells, white blood cells, purified peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs): One to 5 million cells. When FACS-sorted and highly purified cells are provided, the number may be as low as 100,000 cells. We have performed TaqMan¨. analysis for gene transcription using blastocysts at the 32 and 64-cell stage with excellent results.

Tissues: Fresh tissue should be provided in a frozen state on dry ice (stored at-80°C for up to 1 year). Please provide tissue samples not larger than 100 mg.

Fixed tissues: Two 50 micron sections of paraffin-embedded tissues are required from solid tissues. A third 50 micron section is required from non-solid tissues such as lung tissue. TaqMan¨ analysis were performed on a variety of paraffin-embedded tissues (i.e. skin, lymph node, GI tract, spleen, liver, lung, brain) which were up to 20 years of age without significant loss of PCR signals for the endogenous control (GAPDH and 18S rRNA) when compared to recently embedded tissue (within 1 year).

Pathogen Quantitation

    • Viral RNA Load Determination
    • DNA Load Quantitation of Viruses, Bacteria, and Parasites

Bionexus provides an integrated service for quantitative analysis of pathogen loads. We offer a variety of validated RNA based systems for RNA viruses and DNA based systems for viruses, bacteria, and multicellular parasites. DNA and RNA extraction is quality controlled with TaqMan® PCR systems to ensure high extraction efficiency. DNA quantity is measured by targeting single copy genomic gene sequences. Analytical sensitivity of these systems is in the range of 5 target molecules and the threshold of sensitivity in a plasma samples is 50 molecules per ml of plasma. Please contact us for a complete list of pathogen systems. We can also assist you in custom designing and validating TaqMan® PCR systems to meet your specific pathogen assay needs.

Performance of the TaqMan® PCR
Between 30 and 60 quantitative TaqMan¨. PCR analysis can be performed from 1 to 5 million cells and from a tissue sample (20 mg of weight). From a single 50 micron section of a solid organ (such as brain or lymph node) a minimal number of 30 quantitative TaqMan¨. PCR analysis are possible.

TaqMan® Consulting

We offer a considerable amount of expertise on the full process, from sample preparation to design of optimized systems (Please Inquire for Pricing).

TaqMan® PCR System Design

Free Service for 50 or more samples: TaqMan® PCR system design and optimization is provided without additional charge in projects consisting of 50 or more samples.

TaqMan® PCR System Design and Optimization for Gene Expression per system (Please Inquire for Pricing).

TaqMan® Probe and Primers sufficient for 3000 reactions at a 25µl PCR reaction volume System Optimization:

  • single PCR product verification
  • analytical specificity: sequencing of a TaqMan¨ PCR product
  • amplification efficiency: six-point standard curve with a positive control
    (5% tolerance to GAPDH reference)
  • discrimination between complementary and genomic DNA

Standardization of the PCR process
The TaqMan® PCR assay provided by the Applied Biosystems system provides a unique opportunity to standardize the PCR process. Standardization is achieved using a TaqMan® system design software(Primer Express, Applied Biosystems). This software produces TaqMan® systems (matching PCR primers and TaqMan® probes) which will ultimately require only one PCR cycling protocol. As a consequence, all systems (i.e. to obtain a cytokine profile from a single sample) can be run on the same 96 ore 384-well plate. In addition, all our systems are designed to require the same commercially available PCR mastermix (Universal Mastermix, Applied Biosystems).


Contact Bionexus to order TaqMan® services today.