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    Welcome to Bionexus Inc.

    • Extensive research products and services.
    • Unsurpassed Technical Service and Support.
    • E-Procurement solutions.
    • Reduced procurement costs and increased researcher productivity.
      Bionexus offers:
  • DNA Markers and Ladders
  • Protein Markers
  • PCR and RNA Products
  • Custom DNA Sequencing
  • Taqman® Services (Quantitative PCR)
  • Molecular Biology Services
  • Gene Expression
  • Oligonucleotides
  • Modified Probes
  • Mini Incubators
  • Microincubator Shakers
  • Thermostable Enzymes
  • Restriction Enzymes
Gene Synthesis Services:
Bionexus has developed gene synthesis protocols that allow rapid turnaround times on any size gene synthesis services. Bionexus provides you with complete gene synthesis service, from optimizing codon to confirming the sequence of the synthetic gene.

DNA Sequencing Services:
Bionexus offers Next Generation of High-throughput DNA Sequencing and Fragment Analysis Service, using ABI 3730 with the highest quality sequencing data up to 1100 bases per reaction. Our DNA Sequencing services results are amongst the longest, allowing you to finish your project faster with fewer custom primers.

Taqman® Services (Quantative PCR):
Bionexus TaqMan® Service aims to provide expertise and custom services in the quantitative analysis of infectious agents, gene expression and the detection of genetic diseases. The TaqMan® Service provides a platform for multifaceted, multidisciplinary research in the market our knowledge, expertise and infrastructure is accessible for interested researchers who seek to implement state-of-the-art laser guided technology based on the TaqMan® principle enabling detection and accurate quantification of nucleic acids.

Custom Mutagensis:
Method of Mutagenesis, using PCR site-directed method in conjuction with our proprietary protocols. The mutated region of the sequence is double strand sequence.

Bionexus offers quality antibody development, antibody manufacture and immunoassay development that are optimized for your specific application.